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Swiss in the Himalayas:
1939 – 51

Participant in the 1956 Expedition

Dölf Reist 1921 – 2000, responsible for equipment and clothing.

Third ascent of Mount Everest on 24th May 1956.

Dölf Reist had accompanied Ernst Reiss on many difficult trips. These two formed what was probably one of the best leaderless rope teams in Switzerland. Dölf Reist had undertaken countless difficult trips during the winter, in every area of the Alps. He had astonishing practical talents and manual skill, an excellent experience of the mountains and fitness level, and a well-adjusted temperament.

Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research . Schweizerische Stiftung für Alpine Forschung . Fondation Suisse pour Recherches Alpines . Fondazione Svizzera per Ricerche Alpine