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Since its inception, the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research has made a constant commitment to alpine publications and to making their production possible.

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Schweizer am Everest 1952 und 1956 [Swiss on Everest 1952 and 1956]

Text contributions: Oswald Oelz

Publisher: Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research

Released by AS Verlag [left in German]

160 pages, 120 illustrations, CHF 29.00 (ca. EURO 19.00)

Language: German

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About Oswald Oelz
ISBN 3-909111-23-8

Sanjay Kumar Nepal/Thomas Kohler/ Bernhard Rudolf Banzhaf

Great Himalaya

Tourism and the Dynamics of Change in Nepal

Issued as a contribution to the "UNO Year of the Mountains 2002"

Color illustrations

Language: English

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92 pages CHF 20.00 (ca. EURO 15.00, US$ 18.00)


Baffin Island - Arctic Expedition Summer 1953 - DVD

Documentary film by Marcello Weiss, Fritz Hans Schwarzenbach and Hans Weber

about the expedition of the Arctic Institute of North America and the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research

Trilingual DVD, German, English, French; 35 minutes

CHF 35.00 (ca. EURO 23.00/ US$ 33.00) not including shipping costs

order directly from: Weissfilm GmbH, Chamerstrasse 175, 6300 Zug


Alpiner Hochleistungstest 1969 [Alpine Performance Test 1969] - DVD

Under the patronage of the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research

Documentary film and slide show on a single DVD (Author: Ruedi Homberger)

about an high-altitude medicinal performance test on Jungfrau Massif (Bernese Oberland)

CHF 25.00 (ca. Euro 17.00)


Andrew Wilton/William Pars

Reise durch die Alpen – Voyage dans les Alps – Journey through the Alps

Illustrations: some in color

Language: German/English/French

Numbered edition CHF 40.- (ca. EURO 26.00)


John Russel/Andrew Wilton

Turner in der Schweiz / in Switzerland

Illustrations: some in color

Language: German/English

Numbered edition CHF 90.- (ca. EURO 58.00)


B. C. Olkschak

Ancient Bhutan. A Study on early Buddhism in the Himalayas

Illustrations: some in color

Language: English

With a map of Bhutan 1:500 000 CHF 45.- (ca. EURO 29.00)


W. Amstutz


Eine alpine Offenbarung – Révélation des Alps – An Alpine Revelation With 240 degree color panorama by Emil Schulthess

Black and white, panorama in color

Language: German/French/English

Numbered edition CHF 40.- (ca. EURO 26.00)


Towards New Horizons – John Haller 1927 to 1984

Verlag der Fachvereine, ETH / Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research

Illustrations: some in color

Language: English

CHF 78.- (ca. EURO 50.00)


Mountains of the world

A series of books from researchers and mountain climbers

This books series was released between 1946 and 1969 and contains 17 volumes. At first released annually and from 1956 on every two years. Edited and published by the foundation, they were also printed under license as single titles by other publishers. Circulation varied and sometimes reached more than 12,000 copies per volume. All books are now out of print.


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