EvEv06 events - commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1956 Swiss expedition to Everest


On Sunday, April 30, 2006, an event was held at the Kultur-Casino in Bern to mark the 50th anniversary of the successful ascents of Everest and Lhotse by a team of Swiss mountaineers. The purpose of the event was to draw nationwide attention to the tradition and significance of Swiss mountaineering expeditions.


A select panel of speakers gave a series of short lectures on the elite Swiss climbers who participated in these expeditions. The lectures also illustrated how mountain sports in Switzerland have evolved and how their focus has shifted over time.


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The map, “Switzerland at the last glacial maximum (LGM) 1:500,000” illustrates the maximum extent of the glaciers at the peak of the last ice age about 24,000 years ago. In this map the latest results of current ice age research are cartographically visualized.

Map "Switzerland at the last glacial maximum (LGM) 1:500,000"